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Allegra Martschenko is a literary agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency representing adult, YA, and crossover SFF of all kinds—as well as an acquisitions editor at the University Press of Colorado. As a writer, agent, and editor, they bring a well-rounded perspective to author-agent relationships and are capable of working expertly with various stakeholders across the publishing industry. They love books that love you back: sweeping stories, characters with big hearts, and prose that inspires.

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Fiction: New Adult
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Children’s: Young Adult Fiction
Children's: Fantasy


May 2023

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If you are an author of color writing anything speculative or a marginalized writer writing one of my dream projects, you can query me at my query manager link: My typical response time is 1-2 weeks and I respond to every query. If you haven’t heard from me in 4 weeks, do feel free to nudge. Please check out the wishlist on my website: