AALA Membership

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Anyone working at a literary agency in the United States is eligible to apply for membership in the AALA. Applicants must meet AALA’s professional qualifications and agree to adhere to its widely respected Canon of Ethics. All applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and require approval by the Board of the AALA. You may be asked for additional information if necessary.

AALA members:

  • Receive access to our resources, panels, educational programming, networking opportunities, and regular updates about developments and changes to our business
  • Join a nationwide community of professional colleagues dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • May participate in industry-leading committee work
  • Are eligible to serve on the board 
  • May use the AALA membership badge in email signatures or agent bios to promote their involvement
  • Are given a profile on our website
  • May vote in our elections

Annual Dues:

Membership fees are tied to years of experience in the agenting industry.

Members with five or more years of experience working at a literary agency: $175

Members with fewer than five years of experience working at a literary agency: $75

Please note there is a one-time $75 registration fee for new applications. (Internships do not count towards years of experience under this tiered dues system.)

Educational Access:

To make our educational programming more accessible to those at the very start of their careers, the organization provides entry-level access.

Educational access is conceived as a low-cost means for anyone with less than two years of employment at a literary agency (in any capacity, but excluding internships) to participate in our programming, benefit from our committee work, and get full access to AALA programming and the AALA community. Those receiving this level of access are not considered members, are not eligible to vote in elections, and will not appear on the AALA membership list. Educational access will be granted for no more than two years, after which participants will be encouraged to apply for membership. 

Annual Dues:

Educational Access is $25 annually. There is no registration fee.

Katherine Fausset

Curtis Brown, Ltd.

I have long been proud to be a member of an organization that prioritizes ethics in the way that AALA does. Now, as a non-NYC-based agent, I especially value the opportunity to have developed relationships with other agent members.

Kayla Lightner

Ayesha Pande Literary Agency

AALA has provided a myriad of resources—from programming to networking opportunities—that have been quite valuable to someone like me, a young agent in the early stages of their career. Through the efforts of the DEI committee and Literary Agents of Change, it has also provided me with the ability to make space for those who come after me.

Leslie Zampetti

Leslie Zampetti

Dunham Literary, Inc.

AALA has provided invaluable support and resources as I changed careers from librarianship to agenting. Through mentorship, programming, and especially online resources, I've been able to grow as an agent and even begin helping others enter the field as well. Recent changes to AALA are exciting and promise a growing and vibrant professional community dedicated to improving the publishing industry, both for agents and authors.

Membership Benefits

  • Regular panels and programs on a variety of topics (marketing, contracts, foreign rights, management, to name a few)
  • Remote access via Zoom
  • Access to our archive of program recordings
  • Networking events with other AALA members
  • Meet-the-publisher events
  • Meet-the-film-agents events
  • Checklists for contracts
  • Charts, forms, and instructions for foreign tax exemptions
  • Opportunity to become a mentor for Literary Agents of Change
  • Opportunity to receive mentorship via Literary Agents of Change
  • Email alerts on a variety of industry developments, such as contract concerns or other publisher updates
  • Discounts for professional book conferences and fairs
  • Inclusion in our searchable database of literary agents
  • Association with a well-respected organization trusted by publishers and authors

AALA Membership benefits help members develop and maintain their professional skills, with everything from educational programming to networking to alerts of important changes in the publishing business. Membership in AALA can help you achieve your goals.

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Tess Callero

Europa Content

As a young agent starting out in publishing, the AALA played an imperative role in growing my network and teaching me the core values of agenting. Now as I've gained my footing, the AALA has become an invaluable resource in helping navigate the rapidly changing landscape of publishing and find new opportunities for my clients.