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My relationship with writing, reading and books has been long and beloved. In my early years, my love of the written word was fanned by my father, who read aloud to me and my siblings, and my mother, who has always written and is now a published poet. I have just started by own literary agency, Amelia Lee Sheldon Literary, LLC., in July 2023. I have been a part-time freelance editor and writer for over 20 years and have taught Montessori upper elementary students to write for a dozen years. Prior, I held marketing and editorial positions for a decade at a number of New York City publishing houses, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Henry Holt & Company. I graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a BA in English and was editor of Statesman, the student-run school newspaper, and a stringer for Newsday. I have always been fortunate enough to live in a house filled with books!

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Oyster Bay, NY, 11771

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Please email a one-page overview of your written manuscript and brief biography to Amelia Lee Sheldon if you have completed a project that you believe I might be interested in seeing. Please refrain from sending any further information unless requested to do so. I will respond within six weeks. I am an agency of one and I believe in giving time and attention to each piece of correspondence. I greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.