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Anna Sproul-Latimer, founding partner and president of Neon Literary, has over the course of her many years in book publishing sold multiple New York Times bestsellers, major book-to-film deals, and foreign translations in more than 50 languages. She represents all types of adult nonfiction--from memoir and history to pop culture, science, and parenting--as well as select literary fiction. (For existing clients, Anna represents just about everything, but all of her clients’ careers start and primarily consist of work in one of her two focus areas.) Anna is drawn to buzzing, bright, curious, slightly unhinged authors who are driven by enthusiasm so infectious that (inter)national audiences are already paying attention to their work. She particularly loves books with the vibe of that one other sort-of-normal relative at the family reunion: humor, vulnerability, honesty, refuge, and relief. A lifelong resident of the Washington, DC area, Anna has spent her whole life watching power, money, and media interact to shape the line of history. Through her work as a literary agent, she hopes to take this access, experience, and privilege and lie down in traffic with it in an attempt to force it somewhere a little less depressing. This is also the gist of her interests outside of work, which include metal detecting for 18th century farm garbage and serving on the American Chestnut Foundation’s Board of Directors. Prior to founding Neon, Anna spent nearly 15 years as a literary agent, foreign rights director, and developmental editor at DC’s Ross Yoon Agency. A graduate of Columbia University (BA) and Oxford (master’s), she lives in the DC suburbs with her husband and three kids and travels to New York frequently.

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