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Al Longden, Albert T. Longden Associates, a Literary & Entertainment Agency Bio: With over thirty-five years within the publishing industry (Pyramid Publishing, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, American Bible Assoc, DBM Publishing, The Knot, Rights Unlimited, Righter's Mill Press) in all areas: editorial, product development, sales, foreign rights, administration, fulfillment, and distribution, I’ve managed to learn a few things about the chaotic industry of publishing. I've been a CFO, COO, VP and Publisher at major and minor houses and imprints. An entrepreneur in publishing, consulting, and agent services, I tend toward projects that look commercial with a strong literary attitude. With a limited amount of time, I want writers that are preferably experienced and are willing to listen to productive critiques of their work. I love iconic old-fashioned story telling in the mode of Biggers, Conan Doyle, Rohmer, Haggard, Kipling, Poe, and Burroughs. More recently, Elizabeth Peters, Anne Rice, Laurie King, Wilber Smith, and Preston & Childs are my favorites. Look to these authors with a creative current-thinking attitude and you'll have something.

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