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My first job in publishing was at Random House (1973) where I was working in the subsidiary rights department selling foreign rights. I moved to E. P. Dutton (1975) as an assistant in domestic subsidiary rights. Having learned about contracts and the above mentioned rights, I decided that I could represent writers. My first sale was a four part series to the New York Times on the dangers of football. (nothing has changed!). I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, so I immediately searched for clients in the South and in Washington, D. C. and managed to build up the agency. At one point, I don't remember the exact date, but I joined the Robert Lantz agency and became the Washington. D. C. office. I was able to use his office when in was in NYC. I have been in Washington since 1980. I maintained my memberships in the Association of Authors' Representatives and The Women's Media Group traveling often to NYC. The zoom meetings of the AALA are terrific for me. Certainly, I am one of your oldest members, but I am still active.

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