Bethany Jett


After starting my writing career in 2012 at a writers conference, followed by an agency contract and traditional book deal three months later, I was smitten with the world of publishing. For the past several years, I’ve had several books traditionally published (including one under a pen name). After graduating with my MFA in Communications, I worked as a consultant with clients on book proposal creation and marketing strategy. I'm excited to be able to work with clients and their proposals on this side of the industry so I can champion writers who are career-oriented and who are willing to put the work into their marketing strategy and execute those plans.

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Fiction: Debut
Fiction: Inspirational
Fiction: Thriller
Fiction: Women’s/Romance
NF: Business/Investing/Finance
NF: Cooking
NF: How-To
NF: Lifestyle
NF: Narrative
NF: Parenting
NF: Pop Culture
NF: Religion/Spirituality
NF: General/Other Non-Fiction
Non-Fiction: Advice/Relationships
Children’s: Middle Grade Fiction
Children’s: Middle Grade Non-Fiction
Children’s: Picture Book
Children’s: Young Adult Fiction
Children’s: Young Adult Non-Fiction
Children's: Fantasy


In industry: 10 years; As an agent: first year

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