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Elizabeth Marshea

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Beth is the owner and Lead Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. She has a BA in Literature and a Masters in Business Administration and is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring more diversity into publishing and beyond. Outside of agenting, Beth, teaches writing in her local community with a focus on bringing reluctant writers and readers into the magical world of books. She is always on the lookout for more ways to encourage writers to create stories that matter! Beth would like to see more works from disabled writers, LGBTQIA+ writers, Black writers, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, and all other groups who do not regularly get to see their stories in print. She would love to see more non-binary and Ace representation across categories as well. Across categories she would love to see more works that show joy in marginalized communities. She is not looking for stories of trauma, and cannot accept works that feature sexual violence, or violence to children or animals. This is not to say these stories are not important, but rather she must protect her own mental well-being.

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