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Caroline Eisenmann joined the agency in 2017 after spending four years at ICM Partners. In adult literary and upmarket fiction, Caroline is particularly seeking novels that engage with social issues, speculative elements (especially those used in the service of an emotional truth), underrepresented voices, stories about obsession, ruthless narrators, and work that centers around intimacy and its discontents. She’s looking for intensity and stakes on the page, whether that takes the form of visceral prose, a vivid consciousness, or a driving plot. In nonfiction she is drawn to idea-driven work driven by expansive curiosity, especially projects that render the hidden structures of the world more legible. She’s also looking for deeply reported narratives (particularly those that take the reader into the heart of a subculture), literary memoir, cultural criticism, and essay collections. Her areas of interest include science, technology, nature, social justice, psychology, culture, and the slippery workings of capitalism. Her clients include Delia Cai, Kyle Chayka, Cody Delistraty, Linda Rui Feng, Amanda Goldblatt, James Gregor, Theresa Levitt, Micah Nemerever, Jenny Odell, Peter Kispert, Lauren Slater, Michelle Webster-Hein, and Ye Chun. Authors represented by Caroline have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list and been short or longlisted for the National Book Award in fiction, the National Book Award’s 5 Under 35 Award, the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence, and the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize.

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