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My career in publishing began more than twenty years ago in New York when, soon after graduating from Columbia (BA, 1994), I became a literary scout with Franklin & Siegal Associates. For nearly a decade I informed top international publishers about the US publishing scene, advising them on which upcoming books they should publish in their markets. My life and work are shaped by meaningful connections with writers, editors, and fellow book-lovers from many different countries. I have learned from the most inspiring agents and editors in the USA, the UK and Europe. In London, as a founding agent of United Agents, where I worked for seven years (2007-2014), I managed translation rights for a wide range of authors, from established names to outstanding debuts, and across genres in fiction and non-fiction. From 2012 – 2021 I was the first agent of Chigozie Obioma whose international literary career I launched and established with The Fishermen (2015), followed by An Orchestra of Minorities (2019), as he became published by major publishers and in more than 25 languages worldwide, and as he became, at age 33, one of the only writers ever to be a Booker Prize finalist for both first and second novels. In 2016 I founded Craig Literary and I currently represent more than 30 authors including: Sulaiman Addonia, Lolá Ákínmádé Åkerström, Jack Cheng, Mitch Cullin, and Zanib Mian.

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