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Dorian began at Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern and has since become a junior literary agent looking to build a client list of her own in both YA and adult. While she appreciates most fiction that blends genre lines, she is especially interested in reimagined fairy tales, magical realism, speculative fiction, literary science fiction, women’s fiction, unique voices, contemporary novels with a dash of mystery, horror and suspense, and innovative storytelling that sometimes veers on the weird. She values work that provokes a deep-rooted connection after the last page and explores the peculiar within the mundane. She's a sucker for anything that can be described as both haunting and beautiful, and would love to find something in these genres that has twists and turns, lyrical writing, and keeps her up past her bedtime. Atmosphere and mood are important, and she is always pulled into stories with rich world building. Give her spooky and spellbinding!

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