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Emma Dries is a writer and editor, and an agent at Triangle House Literary. She has worked on bestselling and award-winning books in editorial at Alfred A. Knopf, Doubleday Books, Ecco, and Flatiron Books. She has a B.A. in History from the University of Chicago and an M.F.A in Fiction from Johns Hopkins University. She grew up in Lower Manhattan, above the Fulton Fish Market, and now lives in the Hudson Valley. Emma is interested in literary fiction and narrative nonfiction that grapples with climate change; ambitious multigenerational novels; speculative fiction; and dark or darkly comic domestic fiction. In nonfiction, she is interested in institutional corruption; memoirs incorporating science or policy; essays and longform journalism; and environmental and travel writing. She likes to work with academic writers with great narrative sensibilities, such as historians who can target an understudied era and spin an incredible yarn. Most importantly, she seeks to be immersed—whether in our own world or a world that's entirely invented.

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