Gail Hochman

Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.

After two years in a publishing house, I started as a literary agent at a company which was then called Paul R. Reynolds, Inc., the oldest American literary agency. After five or six years I moved to Brandt & Brandt Literary Agents Inc., which eventually changed its name to Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. I am currently the president of that agency. In college I had no idea I would become a book agent – I studied neuroanatomy /neurophysiology and Italian. But like most publishing professionals, alongside my other interests and hobbies (theater, opera, ballet, travel, cooking, nonprofit charity organizations) I always loved to read. I served as the President of the AALA Board of Directors for approximately twenty years.

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Unfortunately I am overloaded with queries and may not be able to answer them all. I am not taking in very much new material, but periodically a query will pique my interest. I am much less likely to want to read submissions in categories in which I am not active. In literary fiction or mystery, it is fine to include the first 10-15 pages, or the first chapter, in case I do find the subject of interest.