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Heather represents award-winning and bestselling fiction and nonfiction for adults. Originally from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, she now lives in Brooklyn, NY. After working as an assistant at Trident Media Group, she joined The Friedrich Agency in March of 2018. Heather has wide-ranging tastes and seeks to represent writers who are also driven by curiosity and discovery, whether through formal inventiveness in fiction or through rigorous investigative journalism. She’s seeking literary fiction and high-concept commercial fiction including that which dabbles in the surreal and suspenseful. She doesn’t shy away from the fantastical in literary and upmarket fiction and she particularly enjoys when genre elements are used to explore the places where language fails us. In nonfiction she’s looking for intersectional, voice-driven, narrative projects and her areas of interest include science, nature, social justice, and culture. Her goal is to build a list that reflects a full range of perspectives from here in the U.S. and around the globe as most of what she learned of her own history and that of this country comes from a life of reading. She’s passionate about working towards a brighter and more inclusive publishing industry so that all who want to can see themselves thriving in this business.

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Please send your query letter and the first five pages of your manuscript in the body of an email to hcarr@friedrichagency.com. More information here: http://www.friedrichagency.com/submit