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Hillary Fazzari (she/her) joined the Bradford Literary Agency as the agency assistant in 2022. Prior to joining Bradford, she interned at Writers House and served as a reader and editor for other agencies and authors. She loves high concept, high stakes stories with deep character development, fulfilling relationships, and gorgeous commercial prose. Fantasy, romantasy, and rom-com are three of her favorite genres/sub-genres, and she’s eager to see work in those areas that can use tropes in satisfying, refreshing, or new ways! She’s always also on the hunt for good sci-fi (particularly with strong romantic elements, often set in space) and enjoys YA and MG of any genre. Her tastes tend to run toward the highly commercial, and she’s eager to see work from BIPOC authors and all underrepresented voices. Feminist-y high fantasy that feels fresh and emotive; stories with robust, accessible world-building and magic systems; romances that center aspec characters; contemporaries with all the emotions; and MGs that feels like Rick Riordan Presents are some of her favorite things. She won’t shy away from darker stories either, though she appreciates trigger warnings and often prefers HEAs or Happily For Nows (regardless of how much angst/trauma it takes the main characters to get there). She loves court intrigue, knife-to-throat, found family, tournaments, morally gray characters, lush settings, strong magic, rom-coms with GenZ and Millennial vibes, unique settings and situations, and hints of humor. Please Note: Hillary is not currently open to queries but will update when she does start to acquire her own list.

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