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Jacqui Lipton joined The Tobias Literary Agency in 2022 after helming her own literary agency, Raven Quill Literary, for a number of years previously. She loves all things books and publishing and has been an avid reader since elementary school. Her tastes were always broad and eclectic. She loved (and still does) everything from a good murder mystery to space opera to contemporary romance and everything in between. She also loves nonfiction projects with a compelling narrative voice. Her background is also eclectic. At university (yes, in Australia and England they call it “university”), she studied law, psychology, drama, languages, and information technology. She practiced as a banking and finance attorney in Australia, and has worked as a law professor in Australia, the U.K. and the United States where her teaching and writing has focused on laws relating to the publishing industry, digital technology law, copyright, trademark, privacy, and defamation. She is the author of LAW & AUTHORS: A LEGAL HANDBOOK FOR WRITERS (2020, University of California Press) and OUR DATA, OURSELVES: A PERSONAL GUIDE TO DIGITAL PRIVACY (2022, University of California Press). She holds an M.F.A. in Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts and regularly teaches classes on writing and on legal aspects of publishing around the country. Jacqui represents authors of fiction and non-fiction from middle grade through to adult, as well as selected projects for younger readers (picture books, chapter books etc.) She is currently focusing on developing her adult fiction and nonfiction lists and particularly enjoys mystery/crime, romance, how-to books, and compelling contemporary novels. She is not currently seeking high fantasy, and considers science-fiction selectively. Books with animal protagonists are not the best fit for her. Query Jacqui via QM: https://querymanager.com/query/jacquilipton

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