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Janet Reid is a literary agent at JetReid Literary in New York City. Her clients include New York Times bestselling Patrick Lee (The Breach series and SIGNAL), Jeff Somers (WRITING WITHOUT RULES), Hilary Holladay (THE POWER OF ADRIENNE RICH: a biography) James Byrne (THE GATEKEEPER), Bruce Borgos (THE BITTER PAST). Her list is largely crime novels and thrillers, and narrative non-fiction in history and biography. She is a member of AALA (née AAR), Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, the Association of American Historians, and Biographers International Organization. She keeps a blog at JetReidLiterary.blogspot.com that answers questions from writers and allows her to rant on things that drive her crazy in publishing and reasons she loves her job and the city. She also runs QueryShark.blogspot.com. She lives in Brooklyn and is tormenting herself by painting her apartment. Yes, 27 color samples later, it's almost done.

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I prefer email queries. For a novel: Send a query letter with the first 3-5 pages of the novel. The pages should be in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment. The subject line should read: Query for (insert title of your project) For non-fiction Send a query telling me about the project, your credentials, and the market niche the project serves. If you have an overview or introduction, include that in the body of the email like you would sample pages from a novel. By US Mail: Send a query letter and the first 3-5 pages of your novel, or the introduction/overview of your non-fiction project, WITH a #10 SASE. Please don't query via Facebook or Twitter Bottom line: When in doubt, query me. I'd rather see something that's not right for me than miss something fabulous.