Jeff Gerecke

G Agency LLC

Starting in June 2010, I am running my own agency, the G Agency, LLC. I have previously worked at the JCA Literary Agency for 17 years and for the last 5 have been affiliated with the Gina Maccoby Literary Agency. I am interested in commercial and literary fiction, as well as serious non-fiction and pop culture. My focus as an agent has always been on working with writers to shape their work for its greatest commercial potential. I provide lots of editorial advice in sharpening manuscripts and proposals before submission. I've been a member of the Royalty Committee of the Association of Authors Representatives since its founding and am always keen to challenge publishers for their willfully obscure royalty reporting. I have also served as Treasurer of the A.A.R. My publishing background includes working at the University of California Press so I am always intrigued by academic subjects which are given a commercial spin to reach an audience outside academia. I've also worked as a foreign scout for publishers like Hodder & Stoughton in England and Wilhelm Heyne in Germany, which gives me a good sense of how American books can be successfully translated overseas. In 2018, I took over management of the Tom Wallace and Elaine Markson Literary Agencies.

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E-mail submissions ONLY - DO attach sample chapters or proposal. USE THIS ADDRESS FOR QUERIES: Enter "QUERY" along with the title in the subject line of e-mails. NO screenplays, self-help, sci-fi or romance. PLEASE NOTE: I am highly overloaded and cannot guarantee replies to every submission though I do try. If you do not hear from me the first time, you may send me one reminder. I encourage all writers to submit to lots of agents simultaneously so don't sit around waiting for my reply!