Jess Hoare


Jess joined the Zoë Pagnamenta Agency in 2019, after getting her start in publishing at W.W. Norton and the Maria Carvainis Agency. As foreign rights manager, Jess oversees the sale of Calligraph’s translation rights. Originally from Australia, she has a degree in English Literature with a minor in Gender Studies and Social Analysis from the University of Adelaide. Jess is building a select list of domestic clients, in both non-fiction and fiction. With a background in the world of restaurants, Jess is particularly interested in food writing, whether that be cookbooks, books about the environment and our food systems, cultural histories, or memoir. She is also interested in social science, investigative journalism, essay collections, and nature writing. On the fiction side, Jess is looking to represent literary and upmarket fiction. She lives in Brooklyn.

45 Main Street, Suite 850

Brooklyn, NY, 11201

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