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I started Present Perfect in 2015 with the goal of advocating for artists in publishing, and I’ve become an industry leader in selling adult nonfiction. I'm looking for thoughtful, visually arresting books that connect readers to their passions and guide them toward living richer, more meaningful lives. Categories include lifestyle, art, personal growth and wellness, social justice and activism, nature and environmentalism, science, and anything with an instructive or practical bent that informs and inspires. I’m especially looking for authors with underrepresented voices and diverse perspectives that will expand our thinking within these categories. I also have expertise developing gift product programs alongside my clients' book publishing. Before becoming an agent, I was an editor at Chronicle Books, where my publishing experience spanned 10 years and hundreds of books and gift products. Bringing that many projects from brainstorm to bookshelf gave me a keen sense of what makes a book commercially successful and how to be a professional collaborator. I have an open mind that appreciates wildly creative ideas, plus a realistic sense of what will fly in the marketplace.

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