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Personal transformation is the first step in global transformation, and my passion is developing books that help readers discover more purpose, awareness, and fulfillment in life. I’m especially looking for talent in the categories of self-help, social justice, psychology, spirituality, narrative nonfiction, essay collections, and select illustrated titles. In my 20 years in the publishing business, I’ve collaborated with celebrated writers, activists, licensed therapists, spiritual thought-leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs to bring their book visions into printed reality. Among the clients I represent are New York Times bestselling author Nedra Tawwab (SET BOUNDARIES, FIND PEACE and DRAMA FREE), Lalah Delia (VIBRATE HIGHER DAILY), disability advocate Rebekah Taussig (SITTING PRETTY), reproductive justice activist and doula Sabia Wade (BIRTHING LIBERATION), and Dr. Jennifer Mullan (DECOLONIZING THERAPY). I take seriously my responsibility as an agent to elevate underrepresented voices and am a passionate advocate for the disability community.

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Present Perfect is accepting new nonfiction clients. We prioritize submissions from authors and artists who are historically underrepresented in publishing: authors from diverse backgrounds and cultures, queer authors, disabled authors, women, and anyone living at the intersection of these identities. We welcome full proposal submissions. If you do not have a full proposal, please submit the following: a query letter explaining the hook of your idea, your author bio with specifics about your platform and audience, as well as sample excerpts from your book. If your project has a visual element, you MUST include sample artwork in your pitch. We consider all submissions thoughtfully, but are not able to respond to every query. If we are interested in your project, we will get back to you within six weeks. If you do not hear from us, please know we appreciate you thinking of us and wish you the best of luck with your work.