Lisa Grubka

United Talent Agency (formerly Fletcher & Co)

Lisa Grubka represents a variety of fiction and non-fiction authors. Her writers have won the National Book Award and the PEN American Literary Award, and she has represented dozens of New York Times bestsellers. Her clients’ books have been successfully adapted as multi-season television shows and translated into more than 30 languages. In fiction, Lisa represents literary fiction, along with some upmarket and Young Adult. She is often drawn to “contained” settings (campuses, unique communities, etc), family sagas, and complex relationships of all kinds. She looks for strong writing and voice (especially unique and diverse voices) but also appreciates page-turning momentum. In non-fiction, she represents narrative, science, nature, journalism, conversation-changing perspectives on currents events, food/lifestyle, and is generally interested in non-fiction that will help readers live better, more fulfilling lives. She often enjoys reading about subcultures or deep dives into a topic. Lisa joined UTA in 2023 after beginning her career at FSG, the WIlliam Morris Agency, and Fletcher & Co. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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To query, please send a letter, brief synopsis, and the first 5-10 pages of the manuscript/proposal pasted into the body of the email to You should indicate the agent you are addressing the query to in the subject line. Please do not include email attachments with your initial query, as they will be deleted. Average response time is 4-6 weeks, so please do not follow up any sooner than that. Please do not query more than one agent at a time. NOTE: these submission guidelines are current as we transition to UTA.