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Liz Nealon is the President and Founder of Great Dog Literary, where she represents both adult and children’s books, largely non-fiction. Previously Liz was an award-winning executive producer and media industry leader who played an integral role in shaping the indelible youth brands Sesame Street, Kidz Bop, and MTV. She served as Worldwide Creative Director for Sesame Street and traveled the world as SVP of MTV International, launching channels in Europe, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. Liz is drawn to illustrated books, for both children and adults. Her tastes skew to non-fiction and her instincts are decidedly commercial, so she’s always looking for just the right mix of pop appeal plus intellectual content. She likes nothing more than packaging serious non-fiction in an alternative, surprising frame. Liz is more interested in thought-provoking than provocative, though she’s been known to represent some deeply edgy content.

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