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Many moons ago, I was a children’s librarian at the Boston Public Library. I previously attended the inaugural semester at the Center for Children’s Literature while I completed an MSLS at Simmons. I also managed a small boutique bookshop in Washington, D.C. Drawn to the challenges of content creation, I spent 25 years designing, writing, and producing non-fiction for broadcast, non-broadcast, print, and the web. I helped translate David Macaulay books into P.B.S. one-offs at the beginning of my production career. Other film projects included The Secret of Our Lives, distributed to every high school in America, and the Weston Woods film, Where Ideas Come From. I worked on other projects for PBS, several of the Discovery Channels, and many not-for-profit groups. My film work has won top national awards. Throughout my careers, I’ve sought to forge connections—between the reader and text, between trust and the collaborative process, between content and true emotion. I believe in the power of books to create more empathic human beings and am thrilled to be focused on the literary arts now.

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