Madeleine Morel

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Madeleine Morel specializes in representing ghostwriters. She is a literary matchmaker but does not sell mss to publishers. She only works with writers who have been published on numerous occasions by the major publishing houses. She primarily specializes in non-fiction books and her writers are all experts in their chosen subject areas ranging from financial to health/wellness; memoir to politics. She has been behind almost 60 NYT bestsellers.

Subject Focus

NF: Biography
NF: Business/Investing/Finance
NF: Cooking
NF: Diet
NF: Health
NF: History/Politics/Current Affairs
NF: How-To
NF: Humor
NF: Lifestyle
NF: Memoir
NF: Narrative
NF: Parenting
NF: Pop Culture
NF: Religion/Spirituality
NF: Science
NF: Sports
NF: True Crime
NF: General/Other Non-Fiction
Non-Fiction: Advice/Relationships


40 years

Years of Industry Experience

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