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Peter Rubie has been in New York publishing as an editor, agent, and published writer for nearly forty years. He is the CEO of FinePrint Literary Management, a NYC based literary agency with 6 active agents, and began in publishing working as a freelance reader and freelance editor for major "Big Six" publishers (as they were then) before becoming the adult fiction editor at Walker & Co., from 1985 to 1991. He became an agent in 1992, and formed his own agency in 1998. Besides working in publishing as agent and editor, he was head of the book publishing part of NYU's Summer Publishing Institute (SPI) for several years, and an adjunct professor in NYU's Center For Publishing faculty for 10 years, where he taught the only university-level course in the country on how to become a literary agent. In the 1970s, in the U.K., Peter worked as a journalist and editor on Fleet Street before becoming one of the youngest news editors for BBC Radio News. In the U.S., before becoming involved in publishing, he was the editor-in-chief of a Manhattan local newspaper, and later a regular reviewer for the international trade magazine Publishers Weekly. He has lectured and written widely and often on publishing and the craft of writing. He is the author of two published novels and close to a dozen nonfiction books. He is known for working closely, editorially, with his clients in order to bring projects to a fuller potential before submitting them. Over the years, several of his authors have become NY Times bestselling authors, and a number are also award winning writers. Peter represents a broad range of high-quality fiction and non-fiction. He specializes in children's books, particularly middle grade, and some picture books. In adult books he specializes in narrative non-fiction such as memoirs, biographies, history and current affairs, as well as books on business, popular science and technology, parenting, music, food, and in adult fiction, crime novels, thrillers, commercial women's fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and some literary fiction. What many people do not know about Peter is that he is also an active professional jazz musician. In any given week, he can be heard playing guitar around jazz venues in New York City—and occasionally in London.

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Fiction: Debut
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fiction: Thriller
Fiction: Women’s/Romance
Fiction: General/Other Fiction
NF: Biography
NF: Business/Investing/Finance
NF: Health
NF: History/Politics/Current Affairs
NF: Memoir
NF: Narrative
NF: Parenting
NF: Pop Culture
NF: Science
NF: True Crime
NF: General/Other Non-Fiction
Children’s: Middle Grade Fiction
Children’s: Middle Grade Non-Fiction
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Children’s: Young Adult Non-Fiction
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1995 (formerly AAR)

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