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Queen Malika Ewart


Queen Malika Ewart works as an entertainment attorney, talent agent and diversity and culture consultant, educating organizations and businesses on Diversity and Culture Relations, from a ‘word on the street' perspective. She has a unique reputation for curating tables for progressive conversations between people and organizations 'across aisles and islands'. Queen Malika, formerly known as "Moiika Stanley", a dancer, activist, teacher, choreographer, creative director and culture lecturer of 20 years, has toured the world teaching African Diasporic dance and lecturing on post-colonial culture revitalization and feminism in 78 countries and 134 cities. The connections built through artistry led to the founding of the two international nonprofit organizations, Our Legacy Legal Services Corp and Our Legacy Entertainment Services Organization Inc. Both organizations work hand in hand to educate, equip and empower BIPOC artists, authors, athletes and small business owners to not only monetize but be the chief benefactors of their artistic and intellectual gifts, through development of business acumen, knowledge and execution of intellectual property rights, and other legal resources. Head of Literary Scouting, Development and Branding, Queen is the chief literary agent at OLE and also heads the Literary division. Queen serves in this capacity by administering, formalizing and executing on the intellectual property rights of clients and developing the brands of editors, copywriters, illustrators and authors to maximize market entry, permeation and enterprise. In addition to business and legal resources, the companies collectively also offer finance classes, career planning, crisis management, life skills, youth retreats, global talent scouting and sponsors visas. Queen Malika has collaborated with governments and NGOs such as the Ministry of Culture in Trinidad & Tobago, UNESCO and the Ministry of Arts and Entertainment in Jamaica to bring leaders together and breathe fresh wind into initiatives on literacy, mental health, activism, social entrepreneurship, education and culture. Queen Malika is a woman of faith, mother, wife, and visionary. She has made a career and gained a global platform merging advocacy, culture and the arts. Queen utilizes all three for self-actualization and exploration of purpose in her own life and the lives of others. Queen Malika holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance Pedagogy and Business Administration, an M.B.A with a concentration in Private Practice Management, a Master of Science degree in Administration of Justice, and a Juris Doctor of Law.

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