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Founded by Rubin Pfeffer in 2014, RPC is the natural extension of Rubin’s 40-year career in the publishing industry. Starting as a designer at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich directly out of college, Rubin has traversed the seas of the children’s book industry. In his 30 years at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Rubin served in many positions, including art director, editor-in-chief, and president. In 2001, Rubin transitioned from Harcourt to become Pearson’s chief creative officer. Wishing to return to trade publishing, Pfeffer transitioned to Simon & Schuster Children’s Books, working as a vice president and publisher in 2003. After several years at Simon & Schuster, sensing a changing tide in the industry, Rubin became an independent agent at East West Literary Agency in 2009. Rubin has found his passion for working closely with authors and illustrators, strengthening and nurturing their work, and helping writers and illustrators demonstrate their potential to publishers.

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Rubin Pfeffer is currently accepting submissions through referral only. For picture books, please send the complete manuscript as a DOC or PDF file. Queries for novels and longer works should include a synopsis in the cover letter, and an attachment with the first 50 pages. Specifically for illustrators, please attach a dummy and art samples or a link to your portfolio. Please include any relevant information in your cover letter, such as previous publications, referrals, website address, and biography. Only electronic copies of manuscripts will be considered. We do our best to respond to submissions within six to eight weeks. Please specify the contact information of your reference when submitting to