Stephanie Hansen

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Stephanie represents authors with their debut novels and New York Times-bestsellers and has brokered deals with small presses, mid-size publishers, major publishing houses, foreign publishers, audio producers, gaming app companies, reading app companies, and film producers. She holds a master’s degree with a Creative Writing Specialization. She represents everything fiction from children's to adult books. She's also seeking non-fiction projects with heart. Previously editorial for Mind’s Eye Literary Magazine and consulting with Hollywood book & film agent Michele Wallerstein, she joined Metamorphosis July 2016. Originally looking to help Midwest authors in "flyover states" to garner the attention of major publishing houses, she found camaraderie with multiple agents and editors. Stephanie is unilaterally deaf with 90 dB tinnitus and hearing loss as well as nerve damage on the other side. She's dedicated to elevating voices that often go unheard.

Subject Focus

Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Fiction: Thriller
Fiction: Women’s/Romance
NF: Health
NF: How-To
NF: Science
Children’s: Middle Grade Fiction
Children’s: Picture Book
Children’s: Young Adult Fiction



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(Open June) Thrillers (YA & Adult) YA contemporary with unexpected antagonists Prose that flows as smoothly as poetry Unforgettable plot twists Well-rounded characters Non-fiction with heart