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Stephanie started her career in publicity and subsidiary rights at Bantam Books, learning how to negotiate rights, promote books, and becoming deeply familiar with all the moving parts of a publishing company. Her next chapter was a nearly two-decade stint at the highly successful Jane Rotrosen Agency, where she managed her own list of authors while growing the agency’s international department tenfold as Director of film and international rights. Next came Rodale Books, where she accepted the challenge of running a newly formed editorial book group, Rodale General Books. Rodale was boot camp in learning how to make a book successful and profitable. Stephanie established the Stephanie Tade Agency, LLC in 2005. She excels at strategic career and book planning as well as thoughtful and competitive negotiating. As the years have gone by, the list at STA has been marked by many intelligent, creative authors and experts with something fresh to say to the world. Motivated by an earnest desire to work with books that will benefit individuals, communities, and the world, many of these have been NYT bestsellers. Currently, she is on the lookout for major authors on a mission to make the world happier, healthier, and more whole.

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