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Desiree Wilson

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Desiree (they/them) joined LGLM in 2023, after three years working at The Bent Agency. They hold a master’s in Book Publishing and a post-baccalaureate in Comic Book Studies from Portland State University, and in 2021 was a PW Star Watch honoree. Prior to working in publishing, they were in the military, in medicine, and spent several years as a 911 emergency dispatcher — all experiences very much put the experience of working in publishing into perspective. When they sign a client, their goal is to champion the person behind the writing as much as the project itself. They specialize in representing graphic novels for middle grade readers and above, as well as prose from MG/YA crossover spaces, YA, new adult, and select adult titles. Their sweet spot is genre fiction especially horror (and kid-horror), high-concept fantasy, speculative fiction, and magical realism.

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