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Alexandra E. is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, book enthusiast, and philanthropist. With an intense and wholehearted passion for storytelling, Alexandra aspires to enrich communities by manifesting the influence of the written word through literary-based endeavors. She is the founder and host of the She Been Read That book club and is the writer behind the upcoming book review blog All Opinions Are Her Own. In addition to her work in the publishing and media industries, Alexandra is also a human rights advocate. She is a member of the inaugural class for the UNA-USA’s 2021 Global Feminist Action Group course on Restorative Justice and Feminist Approaches to Building Peaceful Futures, where she was recognized as the top student of the program. Most recently, she has assumed the position of Co-Chair for the Vital Voices Young Leaders Council of Los Angeles where she has helped to launch a new local organizational chapter. Alexandra has taken her passion for women’s voices, stories, and community and created the Salud Supper Club, a gathering for female leaders from around the country to share the table, ideas, and joy for one evening each month. In founding the Salud Supper Club, she strives to build a bridge between industries allowing women to be resourceful to each other in their professional journeys. Alexandra has successfully curated this community in a way that refreshingly honors and illuminates women’s passions and supports entrepreneurs. Alexandra holds her Juris Doctorate with a concentration in Media & Entertainment Law from Southwestern Law School and currently works with talent and authors in the Literary Department at William Morris Endeavor Agency (WME). She aspires to use her platform to continue to highlight human stories from all backgrounds while giving agency to artists, creators, and entrepreneurs whose influence inspires forward-facing conversations centered around social and cultural progress.

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