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Trinity McFadden

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Trinity McFadden joined The Bindery in 2020, after having worked in traditional publishing for more than 12 years. Trinity has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, English, and journalism, and a master’s degree in business administration. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband and daughter. While her interests are broad, Trinity is especially seeking to promote underrepresented voices with growing platforms. She is interested in compelling practical and narrative nonfiction in categories including social and cultural issues, feminism, women’s issues, history, biography, reportage, psychology, mental health and wellness, subcultures, parenting, and humor. She is also interested in suspense, upmarket, literary, and book club fiction.

Subject Focus

Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Fiction: Thriller
Fiction: Literary
NF: Biography
NF: Health
NF: History/Politics/Current Affairs
NF: How-To
NF: Humor
NF: Lifestyle
NF: Narrative
NF: Parenting
NF: Pop Culture
NF: Religion/Spirituality
NF: Science
NF: True Crime
NF: General/Other Non-Fiction
Non-Fiction: Advice/Relationships


14+ in publishing

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How to successfully present your work

To query me about literary representation, e-mail your query or book proposal, along with a cover letter, to If you’re submitting your book project, please include the following: a clear summary of your book concept, the table of contents (for nonfiction), an author biography, at least two sample chapters, relevant contact information, and your publishing history. You are welcome to attach a full book proposal and include sample chapters in the body of the e-mail itself, following your query letter. I will review every submission. However, if you have not heard back from me after 10-12 weeks have passed, please consider my response to be a "pass." For more information on creating a book proposal, check out the article "The Anatomy of a Compelling Book Proposal" (on our web site, which also details the most critical elements to include.