Contracts Committee

The Contracts Committee works to educate our membership and keep them informed on issues pertaining to the range of contracts that an agency may work with on behalf of their clients, including traditional publishing agreements, digital licenses, collaboration deals, translation deals, and sub rights deals.

The Contracts Committee monitors developments in the industry, and maintains lines of communication with publishers, the Authors Guild, and other relevant organizations. The committee issues alerts to our membership to keep them aware of important events or changes that may impact their clients. It hosts panels and toolbox presentations to discuss and help demystify contract-related aspects of the industry, both to educate newer agents, and keep seasoned agents up to date on changes we are seeing.

The Committee is particularly proud of the many contract checklists it has developed and updated, which aim to provide a go-to reference for agents. They can be found here. (link to resources)

The Committee continues to share the agent community’s concerns on issues including morality clauses, advance installments, and delays in contract drafting. The Committee loves to hear from members with relevant issues they had or are having, at any time. Its door is always open, and all discussions are kept confidential.