International Committee

The International Committee seeks a full picture of the experiences and concerns of the membership in the area of foreign rights, monitors developments and trends in the international markets and encourages best practices, including in working with US publishers on world rights deals.

We maintain and update resources to assist the membership such as a Translation Contracts Checklist and Foreign Tax Exemption Chart, and have held Toolbox sessions on developments in foreign audio, Spanish language publishing in the US, obtaining 6166 tax exemptions for US clients, and handling 1042 tax reports for foreign clients.

We liaise with the London, Bologna, Shanghai, Sharjah and Frankfurt Book Fairs on behalf of our members, and we coordinate with London, Bologna and now Shanghai on annual raffles for first-time and infrequent fair-goers. On the AALA’s behalf, the committee has joined the new collaboration of international literary agency associations.

The committee collectively has many decades of a wide range of experience with foreign rights, and includes both generalists and members who specialize in genre fiction, nonfiction, or children’s rights specialists who represent other agencies’ lists and agents from large, mid-size and boutique agencies