Media and Digital Innovation Committee

The Media and Digital Innovations Committee initiates discussion and explores opportunities with companies outside of traditional print publishing, creating programs to help AALA members negotiate the changing world of non-print rights to our clients’ work.

Some of our programs have included:

  • The “Meet the Book-to-Film Teams” series
  • Watch the Meet the Book-to-Film Teams: WME Panel (link expires May 21)
  • Audio Originals Publishing
  • The Virtual Author Event
  • The Analytics of Packaging
  • What You’re Not Asking Your Hollywood Co-Agents But Should
  • New Ventures in Subscription Model Publishing
  • Meet the Publisher: Audible

In addition, we created and distributed a document of ‘best practices’ for agents to assist authors in managing their efforts in digital marketing.

If you have special interest or experience in non-print media and are interested in joining the committee, please send a letter expressing your interest to