Programming Committees

The Programming Committee is a very unique committee, serving a different purpose than the other committees within AALA.

Programming helps shape the events provided by the AALA, providing the who, what, why and when of each program AALA puts on. From coordinating the time and dates of programs, to communicating with the membership about registration, right on through lending technical support on the day of the program, the team ensures the smooth execution of each event.

Since the pandemic hit, we have transitioned AALA programming to Zoom, drafting best practices and troubleshooting along the way to ensure the events are as smooth, professional, and accessible as possible. Previous to the pandemic, programming had only taken place in-person in New York City. We have spearheaded that transition, significantly increasing event attendance and engagement in the process, granting our member agents across the country access.

We hope to continue the engagement advances we’ve made and provide more programming in the coming year that benefits and engages our members. There are far more programs than ever before, and of a much greater variety. It’s an exciting, though busy, time that we hope to continue.

Kerry D’Agostino, Curtis Brown, Ltd.