Educational Access: Membership Path

Educational access will be granted for no more than two years, after which participants will be encouraged to apply for membership.

Dues for full membership for members with less than five years experience is $75 a year. For members with five or more years of experience, the membership dues increase to $175 a year. Please note there is a one-time $75 registration fee for new full members, so the total payment due for former educational members who elect to continue as a full member in year three is $150.

Educational Access
2 payments of $25 / Year
Those receiving this level of access are not considered members, are not eligible to vote in elections, and will not appear on the AALA membership list.
Full Member - Educational Membership Upgrade
1 Year for $150 then $75
Full Member, 5+ Years Educational Member Upgrade
$175 / Year
Membership Expired (Educational)