NF: Biography

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Miriam Altshuler

DeFiore and Company

39 Dont remember. at least 30 years

Jessica Alvarez

BookEnds Literary

20+ in Publishing 2012
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Anjanette Barr

Dunham Literary, Inc.

N/A 2022
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Tess Callero

Europa Content

7 N/A
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Farley Chase

Chase Literary Agency

20 2012

Linda Chester

The Linda Chester Literary Agency

30 1992
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William Clark

Wm Clark Associates

30 1999

Barbara Collins Rosenberg

The Rosenberg Group

24 1998
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Anissa Dorsey

Great Dog Literary

1 year 1 months April 2021
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Alexander Field

The Bindery

25 2021

Erin Files

Aevitas Creative Management

4 2021

Alice Fugate

The Joy Harris Literary Agency, Inc.

3.5 2021

Jeff Gerecke

G Agency LLC

35 1992

Anne Hawkins

John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

27 2005?

Gail Hochman

Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.

45 1977

Markus Hoffmann

Regal Hoffmann & Associates LLC

23 N/A
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Mona Kanin

Great Dog Literary

three 2020

Harvey Klinger


40+ Charter

Gina Maccoby

Gina Maccoby Literary Agency

40 2004
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Elizabeth Marshea

Ladderbird Literary Agency

5 2020
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Trinity McFadden

The Bindery

14+ in publishing N/A

Madeleine Morel

2M Communications Ltd

40 years N/A
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Eric Myers

Myers Literary Management, LLC

20 2017
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Ayesha Pande

Ayesha Pande Literary

17 2009
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Carrie Pestritto

Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.

10 2020
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Ariana Philips

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency

10 01/24/2019

Rita Rosenkranz

Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency

30+ N/A

Tamar Rydzinski

Context Literary Agency

N/A 2007

Samantha Shea

Georges Borchardt, Inc.

12 I don't remember
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Max Sinsheimer

Sinsheimer Literary, LLC

6 2019

Michelle Tessler

Tessler Literary Agency

24 2000
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Monika Verma

Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency

16 N/A
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Terrie Wolf

AKA Literary Management

30 2016

Jason Yarn

Jason Yarn Literary Agency

15 2013

Renee Zuckerbrot

Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents

15 N/A